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Our savers club is taking the traditional savers clubs that butchers have offered for generations, and put it online. Perfect for saving for Christmas or a rainy day.

You can now set up a subscription to our “Savers Club” in just a couple of clicks…

Choose from either a weekly or monthly subscription, or purchase “Savers Club Contributions” to build up a “Savers Club Fund” that can be used in-store or online.

    Choose a Weekly or Monthly Subscription…

      £2.50 Weekly Savers Club

      £5 Weekly Savers Club

      £10 Weekly Savers Club

      £5 Monthly Savers Club

      £10 Monthly Savers Club

      £20 Monthly Savers Club

      Spending Your “Savers Club Fund”

        When you want to use your fund, we will need to confirm who you are. This is to prevent other people from spending your money.

        We do this by an email confirmation.

        You will need to contact us and request a confirmation code prior to spending your Savers Club fund. 

        If you make regular monthly payments through direct debit to PayPal, you will need to give us your PayPal account email address.

        If you purchase Savers Club Contributions from our online shop or in store, we will need your account email address.

        If you want to use your “Savers Club Fund” in-store and can access your emails on your phone, pop in and we’ll explain how it works, if not, ring ahead so we can send you your confirmation code to bring with you.

          Here’s how it works… 

            • When you’re ready to spend your “Savers Club Fund” call us on 01375 673295 (or email us) and tell us the email account that you use to contribute to the Savers Club.
            • We will send a confirmation code to that email account.
            • You need to send us this confirmation code back by email to or call us and tell us the code.
            • We will then email you a custom discount code that can only be used by you for a set amount of time (usually until the end of the day, but we can extend this if required).
            • Go online and add items to your basket until you have everything you need.
            • When you reach the “Checkout” page, enter your discount code.
            • Your discount code will give you your entire fund to spend, anything left over will be returned to your fund for spending at a later date.

          Please note: It may take up to 24 hours to receive your confirmation and discount codes so please allow for plenty of time when ordering.

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